So You Need Beats For Your Projects?


Why do you need beats for your project? That is a good question. Well, it depends on what beats you are looking for. I mean you can buy beats that everybody in the world is making. Then ask yourself this question? Why be like everyone in the music game? 

Here is my answer to that question. Most people/Music artists do not make it that way. There is only one way to be heard and that is be yourself. Be different then the Music artists you look up to. Why would the world want another Dre or Em etc. People like to hear new talent. Meaning: New talent, New style of music! I see to many artists out there not being themselves. That will hurt your career or moving up in this game. Look at me. I have been promoting my beats and music for 13 years. I have had my ups and downs but i never give up! I have gotten music placements as well ( What I am saying, If you pick Original Beats or productions you will be creating a masterpiece. Good Music takes time and alot of effort.  So on that note if you want to make a difference in this music game. IT STARTS WITH BEING YOURSELF! 


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