Creative Ways to Make Money With Your Music


Start a YouTube Channel 

There are two primary ways to make money putting your music on YouTube. The first is to simply make and monetize YouTube videos. If you get enough traffic, you can make some serious money.


Play at Bars 

Many famous bands got their starts working at small bars and clubs. 

Do Event Gigs 

Small bars and restaurants might be some of the easier places to start, but events can pay better. 

Sell Your CDs in the Street 

If you can’t seem to sell CDs of your musical performances elsewhere, hit the streets! 

Write Songs 

Instead you typically get royalties. “Mechanical royalties” earn you a statutory rate of $0.0755 per song, per manufactured unit. If the song you wrote is on 10,000 albums, you would make $755. 

You’ll earn performance royalties whenever the song you wrote is performed. To collect those, you have to join one of these three performing rights organizations: 


Put Your Music on Spotify 

Spotify is a streaming music platform that lets people listen to music for free or upgrade to paid subscriptions. 

Create a Website 

A website or blog is a great way to showcase your music sell your CDs, and advertise your availability for gigs. 

No idea where to start? You can use a platform designed specifically for band websites, like, which has a free trial and plans starting at less than $10 per month. Or to create your own site, follow our guide to how to start a blog.

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